How to stay warm and keep profits intact?

Отопление магазинов

It is clear why you need this type of heating in store:

  • You are not required to produce an approved project;
  • You are free to heat just few zones without fears to froze and damage basic heating system;
  • You get chance to create eco-friendly and healthy environment inside the shopping area.

How to stop using central heating in the building?

  •  In some cases the stores occupy the annexes to the main buildings having central heating system. Annexes often are not equipped with central heating;
  • There is a way to sign through your lawyer new contract or agreement for service with local gas and electric utility provider cutting off central heating and switching to new order of electric energy consumption, load and pricing.

Heaters for the store

At the start of each cold season and even all year round the property owners, tenants or managers of the buildings used as retail space beat their brains out on how to heat their parlor or the store. In many cases retail trading is arranged in the separate buildings or in the annexes to the main buildings which often are not equipped with any heating system.

We offer you an innovative heating system comprising of individual long wave infrared heaters. IR heating is effective, economic, safe and environment friendly system for the moment. These are exactly the requirements to be met by the modern heating system.

So how does it work?

The operation principle and features of the infrared heaters were described not once. Let’s specify the benefits provided by the above mentioned heaters for the store owners:

  • Bilux_cosmicheskie_tehnjlogiiheating bill cuts (you may save up to 50% of energy consumption as compared to widely known traditional heating systems);
  • the greater the ceiling height and general heating space yet the greater savings are;
  • easy regulated comfort temperature in specified spaces and zones of the store due to thermostatic control (let’s say in the storage or housekeeping areas, retail floor for buyers etc.);
  • the system is considered to be absolutely  safe for the people’s health. In fact it may be even beneficial to your and your customers health;
  • the heaters produce a feeling of comfort and sensation of scattered warmth which has statistically confirmed positive influence on the visitors of the store. They feel a desire to come here again to make more purchases;
  • the long wave IR heaters are totally noiseless and do not produce any visible light;
  • the appearance and shape of the heaters allow to install them in any type of the room and interior design.

Where to find support?

Bilux_otoplenie_togovoi_ploshadiWhile you are here at the web site of the manufacturer of infrared long wave heaters Bilux or reading this information from your subscription newsletter I would like to share with you my positive experience of using the IR heaters. These heaters rapidly warm up surrounding objects or persons giving people comfort for work or leisure. All photos presented in the article are the photos of the real completed projects. Our specialists will help you select the heaters and design that best fit your application, at no charge. Our team of experienced professionals will help you with necessary calculations, delivery and installation. You will save your time and money. The product is covered by necessary certificates and licenses and includes the installation and maintenance instruction.

The manufacturer’s guarantee for the product is 3 years.

Call or email us. We’ll answer all your questions.

Author: Demetrius Davis

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