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How does IR radiation work?

  • Infrared radiation penetrates the human body up to 1 ½” in depth and heats skin, muscles, bones, joints and tissue;
  • It has positive effect on blood circulation in the body. You can observe the improvement of blood circulation, metabolism increase, immune system strengthening;
  • The tissues of the body absorb more oxygen.

What is Vital Rays?

The infrared long wave radiation sometimes is called Vital rays due to their beneficial effect on the human body.

Infrared long wave radiation – rays of life

The invisible to the eye portion of sunlight spectrum is called infrared light, which often is called the rays of life. That is due to the remarkable quality of rays of life which is physically known as long wave infrared radiation to penetrate deep into the skin and create sense of comfort and warmth. You can bask safely in the rays of long wave infrared radiation for a long time with no harm to the skin. Safety of the infrared heat is confirmed by its use even for newborn babies in maternity clinics.

Vital rays – rays of life. Such a name for the infrared radiation stuck to it due to scientific researches around the World which have reported definite exclusively positive effect on human body. Numbers of publications in USA by Mikkel Aaland, investigations conducted by Dr. Masao Nakamura of the O & P Medical Clinic in Japan have reported the health benefits attributed to infrared rays of life.

Advantages and benefits of the infrared rays’ usage

  • cancer cell growth suppression and destruction of certain types of hepatitis B virus;
  • improvement of the blood circulation and metabolism, removal of toxins from the body;
  • positive effect in treating psoriasis, dystrophy, neutralization of the effects of radiation exposure;
  • increase in the amount of insulin produced by patients with diabetes mellitus;
  • plants growth activation;
  • the air cleaning;
  • detoxificating, cleansing and deodorizing effects.

How does infrared radiation work?

Infrared radiation penetrates the human body up to 1 ½” in depth and heats the skin, muscles, bones, joints and tissue. The application of radiation leads to improvement of blood circulation, metabolism hastening, immune system activation and strengthening. The tissues of the body absorb more oxygen. Infrared waves accomplish full detoxification of the human body. According to physics law, when mercury, lead or dioxins get into water they “are held” by the water molecules. The same occurs with toxins if they get into human body. The build up of toxins in the body can block the normal blood circulation and impair the cellular energy causing health deterioration.

Under the impact of the rays of life the water molecules that encapsulate the toxins get heat up, start to vibrate, and toxic materials are released. The heating leads to expansion of blood vessels, and harmful substances can get out of the body with urine or sweat.

Every single day of life of contemporary individual is filled not only with positive emotions. His life is under the press of the incredible pace of activities and stresses. That can result in body exhaustion. You need to help yourself to increase the total body tone and prevent diseases.
Long wave infrared heaters are the best tool not only to stay warm, to be healthy and handsome, but to cut your heating costs.

Author: Demetrius Davis

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