Infrared radiation in relation to human health

IR-Heaters Healt

Double benefit of IR waves:

  • entire house heating;
  • healthy home ecosystem support.

How to be in harmony with your IR long wave heaters?

  • get professional help to calculate electric power and spacing of heaters;
  • ventilate room regularly.

Human health under the impact of the long wave infrared heating

After a huge number of scientific research of the positive and negative impact of IR long wave heating on humans were made, the data were studied, the articles were published, people still continued to look for more facts confirming the safety of infrared waves in relation to their health. Most of the researches were carried out in Western countries. I want once again return to the subject and try to find new facts among the researches made by Russian scientists.

What scientists say?

It is well known that infrared heating technology has its opponents who often use psychology-based arguments rather than technological facts in defense of their views. Science in this case may be the only source of reliable medical facts whether IR heating is dangerous for humans.

Numerous studies in this area have been accomplished by professor Rallema Afanas’eva from the Research Institute of Occupational Health affiliated to the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. It was shown during research work that IR radiation may penetrate deeply into the human skin and can be used for various medical treatments. The impact of IR radiation may amplify enzymatic processes which in turn may activate patients’ immune system. We are not to forget about other features of IR heating which have positive effect on human health. These are:

  • zero level of pollutant emission;
  • fresh air;
  • oxygen content stability in the room;
  • mold and fungus control due to prevention of condensate formation;
  • immune system strengthening (due to natural human skin response to IR waves exposure which is similar to the exposure to sunlight).

Лучи жизни БилюксYou probably can’t imagine that your IR heater for room space heating may help to strengthen your immune system. In fact the IR heater also can help those who suffer from such diseases as radiculitis or gout. That’s great to have a heating system which can create a unique ecosystem in the house.

So what drawbacks are there? We have to agree that nothing can be perfect. Even the clear sources of heat. Every time we hear the word “radiation”, some bad thoughts start to creep into our mind.

We need to admit here that theoretically there is danger of positive ionization of the air in small closed space heated by powerful infrared device. The number of positively charged ions may prevail over the number of helpful negatively charged ions. And according to the data of the Research Institute of Occupational Health RAMS the presence of positive ions in the air may lead to symptoms such as headaches and blood pressure changes. It is recommended to ventilate the room in order to restore natural air quality. But there were no registered cases of sun strokes or heat strokes caused by IR heaters in the history of long wave heating since 1967 (long wave infrared heater invention date)!

There is also a danger of getting burned if you touch the surface of the radiation heating panels. The ceiling heaters are the safest for that matter due to their location and low probability of the accidental touch.

Conclusions and recommendations

Long wave infrared heating systems provide numerous benefits for professional and domestic applications. To avoid problems which in most cases are associated with human negligence and users’ inexperience you need to get help and support from professionals. The experts will help you select the heaters and design that best fit your application. Technical experts will make calculations for your application and identify the products you need to deliver energy-efficient comfort just where it’s needed. You also can get detailed instructions and user guides on maintenance and safety measures not limited to recommendation ventilate rooms which you need to do in any case.

Now when you’ve got new knowledge about heating technology the choice of product in favor of infrared heating which can make your home and family more comfortable and healthy may be more predictable.

Author: Demetrius Davis

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