How to heat a garage by yourself?


Why IR heaters better?

  • They are easy to maintain;
  • They are also designed for work in automatic mode and are intended for continuous operation;
  • IR heaters provide and support temperature and air humidity in the house within a comfortable range.

Body shop benefits:

  • infrared heaters are energy efficient way of heating
  • cheapest electrical heating
  • perfect working micro-climate

How to heat a garage very fast,  to save money, to dry floor, and to clean mold on the walls?

You can try a couple different ways .

First, you can turn on  a kerosene heater, and in 2-3 hours the temperature of the air will be around 25C , meanwhile the temperature of the walls and floor will be around 20C. As a result you will have  dry air in the garage. You can resolve this problem by ventilation,  and then  it is necessary to warm up the garage. Another problem is power. You need to use at least 3.5kW . Some, but not all, garages are designed to use high power.

Second, you can warm up the garage by using a new Bilux  infrared heater with an open heating element. Bilux heaters supply heat directly to the floor and  walls and make them up to 25-30C warm. Floor, walls and other objects re-radiate energy of the warmth that is felt in the surrounding air.

Most people still have old-fashioned infrared heaters. They are small heaters with the reflector and 2 quartz lamps. The biggest problem of these heaters is small heat-transfer surface.

  • Now we can offer a new heater that is adapted for warming and heating the garage. This heater is mounted to the wall or ceiling . The length of this heater is 2 meters.  These properties help to heat up to 70% of the floor and use minimum energy with a big effect.

Bilux has manufactured, marketed and produced its first heater system in August 2012

We can offer next models


  • Bilux Y1500B           (1500Wt; 230V; 6.5A; 1755x44x94 mm; 3kg)
  • Bilux Y1500P           (1500Wt; 400V; 3.8A; 1755x44x94 mm; 3kg)
  • Bilux Y2000B          (2000Wt; 230V; 8.7A; 2180x44x94 mm; 3.7kg)
  • Bilux Y2000P          (2000Wt; 400V; 5A; 2180x44x94 mm; 3.7kg)


Отопление гаража

There are no need to heat all body shop zones at the same time. By using electrical  infrared heaters you can make a comfortable temperature in the working zone, while the other units of the workshop can be kept cold, or by using a termo-regulator the temperature can be adjusted and kept constant. To make micro-climate in the garage / body shop, you can use Far Infrared Heaters. They are Bilux B1350 and Bilux P200. The estimated life span of ceiling mounted heaters is not less than 25 years.
For product details, purchasing and availability call our specialists.


P.S. Our Goal is to make comfortable temperature for working in different areas of the body-shop / garage.
The end result is :

  • temperature during the day is +16C (61F)
  • temperature during the night is +8C (46.5F)
  • when the temperature outside is -18C (-0.4F)

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Author: Olga Smith

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