Expect more eggs! Revolution Farms heating.


Why IR heaters better?

  • They are easy to maintain;
  • They are also designed for work in automatic mode and are intended for continuous operation;
  • IR heaters provide and support temperature and air humidity in the house within a comfortable range.

Poultry farmers benefits:

  • Egg-laying rate and birds weight gain increase accompanied by decline of expenses;
  • Healthy, comfortable, safe controllable environment for growing birds.

Poultry farm heating

One of the key factors to achieve maximum results in poultry farming is to provide stable micro-climate in the barn. According to numerous observations of farmers and special experiments made by scientists it was found that air temperature deviation from the optimal environmental conditions leads to a decrease in the productivity by 15-30% and increased feed consumption by 25-50%. Temperature variations in the house, and especially variations in temperature at floor level can cause stress in young chickens. For that reason high quality, reliable and safe heating is vital to the full development of the bird.

We offer modern heating system with electric ceiling infrared heaters. They provide permanent, stable heat and comfortable environment in the farm.

Heaters operating principle is simple enough. Infrared heaters produce the same type of heat as the sun: the thermal energy they emit is absorbed by the surrounding surfaces. Thus the floors, walls and overhead panels are heated, and they in turn transmit heat to the air. Here principle of heat transfer is used, rather than warm air movement. By the way, the Sun is known as the most powerful infrared heater.

Compare the following benefits of using Bilux against traditional types of heating at poultry farm:

  • 2 to 3 times reduction of heating costs. Affordable IR heating equipment installation costs will pay back shortly. Considerable raise of efficiency can be expected due to new heating system;
  • Air temperature in premises does not depend on the ceiling height. The higher ceiling, the greater savings are;
  • Increase of the egg-laying rate after putting of infrared heating into operation. Egg-laying rate is rising after putting of infrared heating into operation;
  • Increase in the rate of birds weight gain;
  • Considerable rise in liveability (from an average of 70% to 97%);
  • Decrease of birds morbidity. Corresponding reduction of use of medications;
  • No requirement to occupy scarce free space in the farm house;
  • Ability to create for chickens zones of regulated comfort.

The benefits listed above are based on the following features:

  • Effectiveness, safety and ecological environmental compatibility;
  • Ceiling-mounted positioning of the heaters;
  • Permanently warm floor;
  • Noiseless operation;
  • Improved indoor environmental conditions;
  • Total absence of harmful emission;
  • Use of thermostat control.

Otoplenie_ptichnikaOwing to economic efficiency and simplicity of installation the heating system may be used almost any place where the electric power supply is available. Thus it can be used in farms maternity wards, in premises for young, in hospital area, and in farm services personnel facilities. Rapid warming-up and easy control of the heating make the job to maintain the proper temperature easy and pleasant.

All specified factors accompanied by multiyear guarantee period determine the choice of heating system for poultry farms of different size in favor of infrared heating. The estimated life span of ceiling mounted heaters is not less than 25 years.

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Author: Demetrius Davis

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