Infrared heating

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How to heat a garage by yourself?


Why IR heaters better?

  • They are easy to maintain;
  • They are also designed for work in automatic mode and are intended for continuous operation;
  • IR heaters provide and support temperature and air humidity in the house within a comfortable range.

Body shop benefits:

  • infrared heaters are energy efficient way of heating
  • cheapest electrical heating
  • perfect working micro-climate

How to heat a garage very fast,  to save money, to dry floor, and to clean mold on the walls?

You can try a couple different ways .

First, you can turn on  a kerosene heater, and in 2-3 hours the temperature of the air will be around 25C , meanwhile the temperature of the walls and floor will be around 20C. As a result you will have  dry air in the garage. You can resolve this problem by ventilation,  and then  it is necessary to warm up the garage. Another problem is power. You need to use at least 3.5kW . Some, but not all, garages are designed to use high power.

Second, you can warm up the garage by using a new Bilux  infrared heater with an open heating element. Bilux heaters supply heat directly to the floor and  walls and make them up to 25-30C warm. Floor, walls and other objects re-radiate energy of the warmth that is felt in the surrounding air.

Most people still have old-fashioned infrared heaters. They are small heaters with the reflector and 2 quartz lamps. The biggest problem of these heaters is small heat-transfer surface.

  • Now we can offer a new heater that is adapted for warming and heating the garage. This heater is mounted to the wall or ceiling . The length of this heater is 2 meters.  These properties help to heat up to 70% of the floor and use minimum energy with a big effect.

Bilux has manufactured, marketed and produced its first heater system in August 2012

We can offer next models


  • Bilux Y1500B           (1500Wt; 230V; 6.5A; 1755x44x94 mm; 3kg)
  • Bilux Y1500P           (1500Wt; 400V; 3.8A; 1755x44x94 mm; 3kg)
  • Bilux Y2000B          (2000Wt; 230V; 8.7A; 2180x44x94 mm; 3.7kg)
  • Bilux Y2000P          (2000Wt; 400V; 5A; 2180x44x94 mm; 3.7kg)


Отопление гаража

There are no need to heat all body shop zones at the same time. By using electrical  infrared heaters you can make a comfortable temperature in the working zone, while the other units of the workshop can be kept cold, or by using a termo-regulator the temperature can be adjusted and kept constant. To make micro-climate in the garage / body shop, you can use Far Infrared Heaters. They are Bilux B1350 and Bilux P200. The estimated life span of ceiling mounted heaters is not less than 25 years.
For product details, purchasing and availability call our specialists.


P.S. Our Goal is to make comfortable temperature for working in different areas of the body-shop / garage.
The end result is :

  • temperature during the day is +16C (61F)
  • temperature during the night is +8C (46.5F)
  • when the temperature outside is -18C (-0.4F)

Before starting the installation, browse through our recently completed projects and customers’ reviews.

Author: Olga Smith

Rays of life from Bilux™

How does IR radiation work?

  • Infrared radiation penetrates the human body up to 1 ½” in depth and heats skin, muscles, bones, joints and tissue;
  • It has positive effect on blood circulation in the body. You can observe the improvement of blood circulation, metabolism increase, immune system strengthening;
  • The tissues of the body absorb more oxygen.

What is Vital Rays?

The infrared long wave radiation sometimes is called Vital rays due to their beneficial effect on the human body.

Infrared long wave radiation – rays of life

The invisible to the eye portion of sunlight spectrum is called infrared light, which often is called the rays of life. That is due to the remarkable quality of rays of life which is physically known as long wave infrared radiation to penetrate deep into the skin and create sense of comfort and warmth. You can bask safely in the rays of long wave infrared radiation for a long time with no harm to the skin. Safety of the infrared heat is confirmed by its use even for newborn babies in maternity clinics.

Vital rays – rays of life. Such a name for the infrared radiation stuck to it due to scientific researches around the World which have reported definite exclusively positive effect on human body. Numbers of publications in USA by Mikkel Aaland, investigations conducted by Dr. Masao Nakamura of the O & P Medical Clinic in Japan have reported the health benefits attributed to infrared rays of life.

Advantages and benefits of the infrared rays’ usage

  • cancer cell growth suppression and destruction of certain types of hepatitis B virus;
  • improvement of the blood circulation and metabolism, removal of toxins from the body;
  • positive effect in treating psoriasis, dystrophy, neutralization of the effects of radiation exposure;
  • increase in the amount of insulin produced by patients with diabetes mellitus;
  • plants growth activation;
  • the air cleaning;
  • detoxificating, cleansing and deodorizing effects.

How does infrared radiation work?

Infrared radiation penetrates the human body up to 1 ½” in depth and heats the skin, muscles, bones, joints and tissue. The application of radiation leads to improvement of blood circulation, metabolism hastening, immune system activation and strengthening. The tissues of the body absorb more oxygen. Infrared waves accomplish full detoxification of the human body. According to physics law, when mercury, lead or dioxins get into water they “are held” by the water molecules. The same occurs with toxins if they get into human body. The build up of toxins in the body can block the normal blood circulation and impair the cellular energy causing health deterioration.

Under the impact of the rays of life the water molecules that encapsulate the toxins get heat up, start to vibrate, and toxic materials are released. The heating leads to expansion of blood vessels, and harmful substances can get out of the body with urine or sweat.

Every single day of life of contemporary individual is filled not only with positive emotions. His life is under the press of the incredible pace of activities and stresses. That can result in body exhaustion. You need to help yourself to increase the total body tone and prevent diseases.
Long wave infrared heaters are the best tool not only to stay warm, to be healthy and handsome, but to cut your heating costs.

Author: Demetrius Davis

Boat and yacht heating

Отопление яхты

Why should we heat the yachts?

  • Voyage on the yacht and vacation on the water is the most pleasant entertainment in contemporary world. Enjoy both fun and travel in the same boat;
  • The heating helps extend so short boating season.

What is the right way to heat the yacht?

  • It’s advisable to examine the product prior making a purchase and installation of the heaters on your vessel;
  • When you have determined what exactly you want to heat up on the vessel – the cabin, the deck or to dry it at the end of a season, then you are ready to make a choice of the product.

Yachts – heating perspectives

Can you see rapid changes going on in the world around us? We travel a lot now and enjoy every new entertainment on holidays. The best are vacation adventures at sea. And we often regret that the boating season is short. But we not only may we have to extend it longer! And it can be realized easily using a flexible heating system, which may be at service even during summer, while nights are cool.
Money invested in the boat should be returned. The heater installed on the boat will be a fair ground for higher price and quicker sales, if you decide to sell it.

Choosing a heating system for your vessel

Heating equipment for boats or yachts can be divided into two groups: local (suitable for one cabin or location) and zonal (designed to heat two or more locations). As in any other engineering field there are the great number technological solutions: from very simple – the heaters made from the old type kerosene lamps to central heating systems with individual thermostatic control from each cabin or suite on big ships. But the majority of such heating systems burn down a large amounts of the air in cabins during operation and need installation of an air extractor (alcohol and gas-fired heaters). Other types of heating system are very energy consuming (convective ventilation) or very expensive and require the vessel design change. Certainly you may install widely known potbelly stove in your boat if you decide to spend vacation on the water in northern latitudes.

Innovations in heating

Innovative approach to heating should be understood as do it “infrareddish”.
In this article we explain how the boat can be furnished with modern heating system using the most popular and the latest European technology – infrared heating.

The system under consideration may be called universal. It can be used both as local (for heating of specified cabin or location) and zonal. Anyone can easily install the heater himself. In other systems the air around is heated up and streams of the warm air climb up inside of enclosed space, distribute itself around and warm up the people and other objects inside. Infrared heater does not require “mediator” because it heats not the air but people and the objects which stay under its rays. Infrared waves are in fact the light which can’t be seen by the human eye. It’s very similar to the effect of Sun transmitting its rays. As if you were warming yourself under the Sun. The energy is not wasted on useless heating of the air so the heater consumes much less electric energy compared with other heating systems. Thermostat control is essential part of that type of heating, which is another source of economy.

Отопление каюты яхты

That is why the infrared heaters may be used not only at mooring but also during sail and boating cruises. It is more so, because modern ships and yachts are equipped with decent onboard generators. The new model Bionic from Ukrainian manufacturer Bilux with beam angle 120 degree, the efficiency 97% and with the lowest energy consumption is a big point in favor of that type of heater. Bionic heating area is up to 130 sq ft. Average energy consumption is close to 0.4 kWh/h.

Taking in account specific hydro-climatic conditions in rivers and sea regions there is special version of the heaters with corrosion resistant stainless steel housing. Heating plates are made of aluminum with heating elements hidden inside which makes the construction waterproofed. We can go further along the way of perfection and install solar panels and use free electric energy. But that is subject for another story.

Extend your boating season and enjoy water vacation journey!

Author: Demetrius Davis

Infrared radiation in relation to human health

IR-Heaters Healt

Double benefit of IR waves:

  • entire house heating;
  • healthy home ecosystem support.

How to be in harmony with your IR long wave heaters?

  • get professional help to calculate electric power and spacing of heaters;
  • ventilate room regularly.

Human health under the impact of the long wave infrared heating

After a huge number of scientific research of the positive and negative impact of IR long wave heating on humans were made, the data were studied, the articles were published, people still continued to look for more facts confirming the safety of infrared waves in relation to their health. Most of the researches were carried out in Western countries. I want once again return to the subject and try to find new facts among the researches made by Russian scientists.

What scientists say?

It is well known that infrared heating technology has its opponents who often use psychology-based arguments rather than technological facts in defense of their views. Science in this case may be the only source of reliable medical facts whether IR heating is dangerous for humans.

Numerous studies in this area have been accomplished by professor Rallema Afanas’eva from the Research Institute of Occupational Health affiliated to the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. It was shown during research work that IR radiation may penetrate deeply into the human skin and can be used for various medical treatments. The impact of IR radiation may amplify enzymatic processes which in turn may activate patients’ immune system. We are not to forget about other features of IR heating which have positive effect on human health. These are:

  • zero level of pollutant emission;
  • fresh air;
  • oxygen content stability in the room;
  • mold and fungus control due to prevention of condensate formation;
  • immune system strengthening (due to natural human skin response to IR waves exposure which is similar to the exposure to sunlight).

Лучи жизни БилюксYou probably can’t imagine that your IR heater for room space heating may help to strengthen your immune system. In fact the IR heater also can help those who suffer from such diseases as radiculitis or gout. That’s great to have a heating system which can create a unique ecosystem in the house.

So what drawbacks are there? We have to agree that nothing can be perfect. Even the clear sources of heat. Every time we hear the word “radiation”, some bad thoughts start to creep into our mind.

We need to admit here that theoretically there is danger of positive ionization of the air in small closed space heated by powerful infrared device. The number of positively charged ions may prevail over the number of helpful negatively charged ions. And according to the data of the Research Institute of Occupational Health RAMS the presence of positive ions in the air may lead to symptoms such as headaches and blood pressure changes. It is recommended to ventilate the room in order to restore natural air quality. But there were no registered cases of sun strokes or heat strokes caused by IR heaters in the history of long wave heating since 1967 (long wave infrared heater invention date)!

There is also a danger of getting burned if you touch the surface of the radiation heating panels. The ceiling heaters are the safest for that matter due to their location and low probability of the accidental touch.

Conclusions and recommendations

Long wave infrared heating systems provide numerous benefits for professional and domestic applications. To avoid problems which in most cases are associated with human negligence and users’ inexperience you need to get help and support from professionals. The experts will help you select the heaters and design that best fit your application. Technical experts will make calculations for your application and identify the products you need to deliver energy-efficient comfort just where it’s needed. You also can get detailed instructions and user guides on maintenance and safety measures not limited to recommendation ventilate rooms which you need to do in any case.

Now when you’ve got new knowledge about heating technology the choice of product in favor of infrared heating which can make your home and family more comfortable and healthy may be more predictable.

Author: Demetrius Davis

How to stay warm and keep profits intact?

Отопление магазинов

It is clear why you need this type of heating in store:

  • You are not required to produce an approved project;
  • You are free to heat just few zones without fears to froze and damage basic heating system;
  • You get chance to create eco-friendly and healthy environment inside the shopping area.

How to stop using central heating in the building?

  •  In some cases the stores occupy the annexes to the main buildings having central heating system. Annexes often are not equipped with central heating;
  • There is a way to sign through your lawyer new contract or agreement for service with local gas and electric utility provider cutting off central heating and switching to new order of electric energy consumption, load and pricing.

Heaters for the store

At the start of each cold season and even all year round the property owners, tenants or managers of the buildings used as retail space beat their brains out on how to heat their parlor or the store. In many cases retail trading is arranged in the separate buildings or in the annexes to the main buildings which often are not equipped with any heating system.

We offer you an innovative heating system comprising of individual long wave infrared heaters. IR heating is effective, economic, safe and environment friendly system for the moment. These are exactly the requirements to be met by the modern heating system.

So how does it work?

The operation principle and features of the infrared heaters were described not once. Let’s specify the benefits provided by the above mentioned heaters for the store owners:

  • Bilux_cosmicheskie_tehnjlogiiheating bill cuts (you may save up to 50% of energy consumption as compared to widely known traditional heating systems);
  • the greater the ceiling height and general heating space yet the greater savings are;
  • easy regulated comfort temperature in specified spaces and zones of the store due to thermostatic control (let’s say in the storage or housekeeping areas, retail floor for buyers etc.);
  • the system is considered to be absolutely  safe for the people’s health. In fact it may be even beneficial to your and your customers health;
  • the heaters produce a feeling of comfort and sensation of scattered warmth which has statistically confirmed positive influence on the visitors of the store. They feel a desire to come here again to make more purchases;
  • the long wave IR heaters are totally noiseless and do not produce any visible light;
  • the appearance and shape of the heaters allow to install them in any type of the room and interior design.

Where to find support?

Bilux_otoplenie_togovoi_ploshadiWhile you are here at the web site of the manufacturer of infrared long wave heaters Bilux or reading this information from your subscription newsletter I would like to share with you my positive experience of using the IR heaters. These heaters rapidly warm up surrounding objects or persons giving people comfort for work or leisure. All photos presented in the article are the photos of the real completed projects. Our specialists will help you select the heaters and design that best fit your application, at no charge. Our team of experienced professionals will help you with necessary calculations, delivery and installation. You will save your time and money. The product is covered by necessary certificates and licenses and includes the installation and maintenance instruction.

The manufacturer’s guarantee for the product is 3 years.

Call or email us. We’ll answer all your questions.

Author: Demetrius Davis

Expect more eggs! Revolution Farms heating.


Why IR heaters better?

  • They are easy to maintain;
  • They are also designed for work in automatic mode and are intended for continuous operation;
  • IR heaters provide and support temperature and air humidity in the house within a comfortable range.

Poultry farmers benefits:

  • Egg-laying rate and birds weight gain increase accompanied by decline of expenses;
  • Healthy, comfortable, safe controllable environment for growing birds.

Poultry farm heating

One of the key factors to achieve maximum results in poultry farming is to provide stable micro-climate in the barn. According to numerous observations of farmers and special experiments made by scientists it was found that air temperature deviation from the optimal environmental conditions leads to a decrease in the productivity by 15-30% and increased feed consumption by 25-50%. Temperature variations in the house, and especially variations in temperature at floor level can cause stress in young chickens. For that reason high quality, reliable and safe heating is vital to the full development of the bird.

We offer modern heating system with electric ceiling infrared heaters. They provide permanent, stable heat and comfortable environment in the farm.

Heaters operating principle is simple enough. Infrared heaters produce the same type of heat as the sun: the thermal energy they emit is absorbed by the surrounding surfaces. Thus the floors, walls and overhead panels are heated, and they in turn transmit heat to the air. Here principle of heat transfer is used, rather than warm air movement. By the way, the Sun is known as the most powerful infrared heater.

Compare the following benefits of using Bilux against traditional types of heating at poultry farm:

  • 2 to 3 times reduction of heating costs. Affordable IR heating equipment installation costs will pay back shortly. Considerable raise of efficiency can be expected due to new heating system;
  • Air temperature in premises does not depend on the ceiling height. The higher ceiling, the greater savings are;
  • Increase of the egg-laying rate after putting of infrared heating into operation. Egg-laying rate is rising after putting of infrared heating into operation;
  • Increase in the rate of birds weight gain;
  • Considerable rise in liveability (from an average of 70% to 97%);
  • Decrease of birds morbidity. Corresponding reduction of use of medications;
  • No requirement to occupy scarce free space in the farm house;
  • Ability to create for chickens zones of regulated comfort.

The benefits listed above are based on the following features:

  • Effectiveness, safety and ecological environmental compatibility;
  • Ceiling-mounted positioning of the heaters;
  • Permanently warm floor;
  • Noiseless operation;
  • Improved indoor environmental conditions;
  • Total absence of harmful emission;
  • Use of thermostat control.

Otoplenie_ptichnikaOwing to economic efficiency and simplicity of installation the heating system may be used almost any place where the electric power supply is available. Thus it can be used in farms maternity wards, in premises for young, in hospital area, and in farm services personnel facilities. Rapid warming-up and easy control of the heating make the job to maintain the proper temperature easy and pleasant.

All specified factors accompanied by multiyear guarantee period determine the choice of heating system for poultry farms of different size in favor of infrared heating. The estimated life span of ceiling mounted heaters is not less than 25 years.

For product details, purchasing and availability call our specialists.

P.S. Before starting the installation, browse through our recently completed projects and customers’ reviews.

Author: Demetrius Davis

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