Boat and yacht heating

Отопление яхты

Why should we heat the yachts?

  • Voyage on the yacht and vacation on the water is the most pleasant entertainment in contemporary world. Enjoy both fun and travel in the same boat;
  • The heating helps extend so short boating season.

What is the right way to heat the yacht?

  • It’s advisable to examine the product prior making a purchase and installation of the heaters on your vessel;
  • When you have determined what exactly you want to heat up on the vessel – the cabin, the deck or to dry it at the end of a season, then you are ready to make a choice of the product.

Yachts – heating perspectives

Can you see rapid changes going on in the world around us? We travel a lot now and enjoy every new entertainment on holidays. The best are vacation adventures at sea. And we often regret that the boating season is short. But we not only may we have to extend it longer! And it can be realized easily using a flexible heating system, which may be at service even during summer, while nights are cool.
Money invested in the boat should be returned. The heater installed on the boat will be a fair ground for higher price and quicker sales, if you decide to sell it.

Choosing a heating system for your vessel

Heating equipment for boats or yachts can be divided into two groups: local (suitable for one cabin or location) and zonal (designed to heat two or more locations). As in any other engineering field there are the great number technological solutions: from very simple – the heaters made from the old type kerosene lamps to central heating systems with individual thermostatic control from each cabin or suite on big ships. But the majority of such heating systems burn down a large amounts of the air in cabins during operation and need installation of an air extractor (alcohol and gas-fired heaters). Other types of heating system are very energy consuming (convective ventilation) or very expensive and require the vessel design change. Certainly you may install widely known potbelly stove in your boat if you decide to spend vacation on the water in northern latitudes.

Innovations in heating

Innovative approach to heating should be understood as do it “infrareddish”.
In this article we explain how the boat can be furnished with modern heating system using the most popular and the latest European technology – infrared heating.

The system under consideration may be called universal. It can be used both as local (for heating of specified cabin or location) and zonal. Anyone can easily install the heater himself. In other systems the air around is heated up and streams of the warm air climb up inside of enclosed space, distribute itself around and warm up the people and other objects inside. Infrared heater does not require “mediator” because it heats not the air but people and the objects which stay under its rays. Infrared waves are in fact the light which can’t be seen by the human eye. It’s very similar to the effect of Sun transmitting its rays. As if you were warming yourself under the Sun. The energy is not wasted on useless heating of the air so the heater consumes much less electric energy compared with other heating systems. Thermostat control is essential part of that type of heating, which is another source of economy.

Отопление каюты яхты

That is why the infrared heaters may be used not only at mooring but also during sail and boating cruises. It is more so, because modern ships and yachts are equipped with decent onboard generators. The new model Bionic from Ukrainian manufacturer Bilux with beam angle 120 degree, the efficiency 97% and with the lowest energy consumption is a big point in favor of that type of heater. Bionic heating area is up to 130 sq ft. Average energy consumption is close to 0.4 kWh/h.

Taking in account specific hydro-climatic conditions in rivers and sea regions there is special version of the heaters with corrosion resistant stainless steel housing. Heating plates are made of aluminum with heating elements hidden inside which makes the construction waterproofed. We can go further along the way of perfection and install solar panels and use free electric energy. But that is subject for another story.

Extend your boating season and enjoy water vacation journey!

Author: Demetrius Davis

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