Far infrared ceiling heaters Bilux™ — energysaving you didn’t know about!

For more than forty years the Far infrared ceiling mounted heating systems are among the most effective means for saving energy in North Europe. For the first time the Far infrared radiation for the whole-house, local area and spot heating of buildings was introduced in Sweden in 1967
How much energy can we save?

Bilux started to supply the exported residential and industrial ceiling long wave infrared panels to USA in 2011. Since then energy bills started to “make money” for their owners. Production of the energy saving Far infrared heaters was arranged in 2010 under Bilux® trademark. The most innovative fire protection solutions were introduced in those heaters along with safe WAGO Gmbh snap-in power supply terminals.

In 2013 Bilux company introduced the 3rd generation Far infrared ceiling heater Bilux BIONIC® to the market. The surface area of its convex shaped heat-radiating plate is 20% greater than the radiating area of the others long wave heaters.